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Pardot Spring Clean-Up: 2 Must-Do Items

It’s safe to say (finally), that spring is right around the corner. Just like your yard and those projects around the house you’ve been meaning to get to, Pardot too can use a little attention. So let’s talk about a two items that should be on your Pardot spring-cleaning list that will be time well spent to jumpstart your efforts.

Scrub your Content– notice, we did not say throw your old content out. Your content is key to who you are and is one of the most effective nurturing tools to help your customers along the sales path. But, now’s the time to examine what you have in Pardot and tweak, update, and repurpose. Have someone on your team (a fresh set of eyes), not the original author or creator, take a look at what you have and you’ll be amazed how additional content can be produced from what you’ve already spent valuable time creating. Here’s just one idea…think about turning that whitepaper into an Infographic. According to Google, searches for the term “infographic” have increased 800% in the past two years. Here’s some inspiration to get you going.

Scrub your Lists– there’s no doubt, there are “Prospects” in your instance that are not prospects at all, they are old, dirty leads! That coupled with email attrition rates that outpace customer acquisition, according to a recent Ascend2 report, can be a big problem for B2B marketers. We’ll get to growing your email lists in another post, but for now, here are a few tips to clean up those Prospect records that already reside in Pardot. First, take a look at your “Never Active Prospects” with a “Date Range, Created” and/or “Active Prospects” with a “Date Range, Created”. Most clients we’ve worked with are amazed with the number of Prospects that are in these views. Take your selling cycle into account and then have an honest conversation with your marketing/sales team—will these folks every be interested in your product/service? Maybe it’s time to place them in a drip program to test your theory and see if they engage? If not, stop wasting time marketing to these folks and segment them out of your inflated database number.

Also take a look at your lists’ health (bounce rates, unsubscribes, deliverability). This too can be insightful for marketers— stale lists will be reflected in all three of these indicators. Time to do something about this… and for those of us who are not fans of doing all the spring-cleaning ourselves, elicit some help. There are plenty of list cleaning/verification online providers who can help you out. DataValidation and BriteVerify are two you can check into. Services like these can be used to quickly address issues and get you back on track.

That’s enough Pardot scrubbing for today! And of course, remember that we’re always happy to lend a hand to give a “spring” to Pardot by helping you optimize and load it up with with valuable, powerful content and creative.

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