December 31, 2015 Plug In Blast Off

New Year, New Pardot Consulting Resolutions

Yes, it’s that time again when we make resolutions with the best of intentions to improve our health, relationships, careers—you name it, most of us do it.  We set-out at a robust pace, excited to begin anew, but as anyone who manages a fitness center can attest to, most people don’t last long, as time goes by, they go less often, until finally they stop going to the gym at all.

The same is true for Pardot.

Making the leap to get the Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation system is an exciting time for marketing departments and marketing professionals.  Finally, we have what we’ve said we needed to our bosses, the sales team, the people in finance who are scrutinizing the marketing vendors’ bills.

Pardot was the solution that was going to solve everything.  We’d be able to close deals faster, manage leads better, prove our value to skeptical sales teams, and improve our marketing ROI.

We begin with the best of intentions, pay $1,000, $2000, or $3000 per month (up to $36K annually) to have this robust platform, and we’re off and running doing what we marketers do—developing creative emails, segmenting our prospects, automating tasks, posting, testing, tracking, reporting.  We’re off to a great start (or at least we think we are) until we begin to realize that there’s a whole lot to do to keep Pardot (Marketo, Eloqua, Silverpop, HubSpot) “automated” and optimized.  Rather quickly, our enthusiasm begins to wane as we grapple with time-consuming maintenance and optimization tasks.  Things aren’t as simple as we thought.  It’s a full time job (or many full time jobs) to: keep the platform humming with new content and creative; stay abreast of new features and functions; train new users; institute and maintain best practices; create automation programs to optimize your sales funnel; initiate and improve process flows.

Yes, Pardot was a great investment, but are you truly realizing all of the benefits or are you bogged down and not as enthused as you were when you first signed-on?

Make a Pardot New Year Resolution!  Let 2016 be the year you get back on track or begin anew with Pardot.  Whether you’re a platform veteran or just beginning, Plug In Blast Off can help. We’re experts. We help companies optimize Pardot. And, we do this for much less than a full-time resource.

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