July 23, 2015 Plug In Blast Off

Making the most of Pardot when you are a Marketing Team of One

Raise your hand if you are your Marketing“organization”. Well, you’re not alone. There are many small businesses that are meeting their goals with limited resources and Pardot is helping people like you do more marketing, more effectively. Pardot’s recent Blog post “3 Tips for Running Multiple Marketing Campaigns as a Team of One” highlighted 3 tips that small businesses can use to make sure you’re getting the most value possible from your marketing automation… we’re adding a few of our own that many of our clients have found helpful.

Tip #4 – Jumpstart your Pardot Creative Asset Development with forethought.
Create a “wish list” of marketing communications assets you would like to have to meet your goals for upcoming campaigns. Creating templates, landing pages, and content— on the fly— is a time-buster, and can be stressful when you’re under a tight deadline. Eliminate this stress by creating a list of what you need, then work away at the list creating as many assets as possible ahead of time…or hire a company like Plug In Blast Off 🙂 and we’ll do this for you!  Contact us for a suggested list of Creative Assets to get you off and running with Pardot Marketing Automation.

Tip #5 – Use Automation Rules.
This may seem like a no-brainer, after all, Pardot is a Marketing Automation tool, but we’ve run across more than a few clients who are not maximizing the inherent benefits of this functionality.  Here’s a chart to review and then begin thinking about how implementing some of these rules can make your marketing organization of 1 hum like you’re a team of 20!  A few of our favorite rules are: Rule: Prospect Landing Page and Action: Notify User or Notify Assigned User (your sales reps will love this); Rule: Prospect Webinar and Action: Send Email (since you’ve already used Tip #4 to create your assets ahead of time, now you can automate your post webinar activities).

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We hope you found these tips helpful….reach out to us any time for Technical, Creative and Content Development for Pardot!


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