September 24, 2015 Plug In Blast Off

How effective are your Pardot emails?

Plug In Blast Off Tips for Pardot Success Series

79% of marketers surveyed report that email content and design are critical to their success*, yet how many marketers have the time to create compelling content and action-oriented design for each campaign they’re launching. Not many! At least, that’s been our experience when Plug In Blast Off consultants work with clients.

Let’s be realistic… can you objectively critique your own work? Not only is this hard to do, it’s a really bad idea. Instead of listing all of the problems with this approach, let’s focus on the positive. In this post of “Tips for Pardot Success”, we’ll be focusing on email template design. Think of Plug In Blast Off as part of your Pardot success review team—your objective expert that you can rely on to ensure you’re on track.

Here’s what to think about and review when creating an email template:

  1. Purpose– what are you trying to do? Newsletters and event invites are better suited for HTML, while text is more effective for drip emails from sales.
  2. Beauty and Strength- is it easy-to-read, uncluttered and appealing with an eye-catching subject line?
  3. Action- is your call to action clear and distinguished in some way?
  4. Sips not Gulps– have you broken down your text into small segments or bullets? (save the big gulps for your website)
  5. Picture Perfect– do you have well placed images, driven by content and a strong call to action?
  6. Identity and Contact– have you clearly identified who you are and how your prospects can contact you?
  7. Mobile Ready– is your email design and layout optimized for mobile devices?

We hope these 7 email tips help…

… and remember, don’t do this alone! Contact us for an email template design audit or develop a small review team within your company to ensure your emails are as effective as possible.

* 2015 State of Marketing report download


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