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Clean-up Pardot: 2 Chores that will Pay Off Big in 2015

“I thought Pardot was supposed to make me more efficient…”

It is! If you feel like it’s not, it’s a good time to pause and examine a few key aspects of Pardot that you need to focus on to make the most of your investment in 2015.  Clean-up in 2 key areas is where you should begin.

Clean-up dirty data– you cannot make good marketing decisions without good data. Obsolete, incorrect, and missing information slows you down and misleads you. No doubt, data clean-up can be a big undertaking, but the upside is worth it. Leveraging accurate data is the difference between novice and pro marketers.

Here are 2 great resources to review:



Clean-up fields– as time progresses, new users and admins come on-board, and orgs merge, Pardot (and your CRM) can look more like a field of dreams, rather than one of the most important factors in accurate reporting. Editing default fields, creating custom fields, mapping lead and contact fields, and getting rid of fields that are no longer used (but preserve this data!) and ensuring these all sync to your CRM– drive accurate reporting. You want to keep in mind the 3 I’s to avoid: Inconsistent, Incomplete, Inaccurate. Configure your custom fields, field types, picklists, etc. to ensure ease-of-use and consistency for you and your users. Clean-up your messy fields and get your reporting back on track.


Here’s a good checklist to review to avoid sync errors:

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