October 6, 2014 Plug In Blast Off

3 Steps to Get Going with Pardot

So you’re up and running with Pardot and you have this amazing marketing platform at your fingertips, now what? Here are 3 tips to ensure that you get off to a great start.

  1. Segment your Prospects with Tagging. Tagging is an efficient way to segment your database to ensure you communicate effectively with Prospects throughout the sales cycle. There are various ways you may want to use tagging to organize your data—by title, campaign, and/or score, among others. (note- tagging can be used on many objects, not just Prospects, we’ll share more ideas about tagging in an upcoming post)
  2. Organize your Content. No doubt, you have marketing content that existed pre-Pardot. Taking the time up-front to think through how you are going to organize existing content and new digital assets will save hours and hours down the road. If you have multiple people responsible for creating and uploading content, it is important to lock on a nomenclature from the start.
  3. Establish Template Drip Programs.
    One of the major reasons companies turn to Marketing Automation platforms is to decrease the manual effort involved in lead nurturing- so establishing your standard drip programs to support your objectives, should be one of the first steps you take after your Pardot implementation. Here are a few Pardot sample templates (http://www.pardot.com/faqs/best-practices/drip-program-sample-templates) to get you started. Customization of multifaceted drip programs and content can differentiate you from your competitors; so again, investing the time up-front, is a key component to your future success.

The 3 steps briefly outlined above are part of our Blasting Off with Pardot blog series. Follow our Blog.

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