December 8, 2014 Plug In Blast Off

3 R’s of Pardot: Great Gifts for the Pardot Expert in Your Life

As we embark on the busyness of the holiday season and 2014 is coming to a close, give yourself the gift of the 3 R’s of Pardot: Reflect, Revise, Recharge. We all know Pardot is here to help us streamline and improve what we do, so let’s take a few hours, a day—or even a week if we need to—to be sure that we’re capitalizing on all that it can do to make our businesses run smoother and close more sales quicker than ever!


Set a date and get your team together—doesn’t matter if it’s a team of 2 or if you fill a room. Taking the time to review what you have and haven’t accomplished in 2014, sets you up for success in 2015. Review the stats that matter to you most (conversions, CTR, speed through the pipeline, etc.) and don’t forget the equally important more “softer” stats (are you getting positive feedback from sales? is lead quality improving? how are you measuring your investment in content marketing?). Pausing to Reflect is the only way to grow and learn, so make this a “must-do” for end-of-year!


Marketing is not an exact science—we all know this—recognize it and move on, throw out what isn’t working, take some risks and embark on at least a few new initiatives in 2015. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Clean your email lists: if you are “blasting” emails to your entire database or worse, purchased lists, you’re hurting your brand. Clean and validate your list (there are a number of online vendors that can help you do this) and use Pardot’s lead scoring and grading to be more strategic about who you are sending emails to.
  • Refresh your email templates: you don’t have to rebrand your entire company, but if you’ve been using the same template designs throughout 2014, it’s time for a change. Are your templates built with mobile-first design? Are your templates designed with best practices in mind: avoid CSS shorthand, external or internal CSS classes or IDS, and Javascript—this can make all the difference in deliverability rates and readability across email clients. Kick-off 2015 with revised custom email templates and reap the benefits.


Vow to learn an “idea-a-day” and become an inspired marketer in 2015! Take what you learn and try it out in Pardot. Here are a few of our favorite sources that inspire us to continue to learn and improve what we do each day, be sure to share your favorites with us.


Plug in. Get Going.

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