March 13, 2016 Plug In Blast Off

Spring Ahead with these 3 Pardot Time Savers

Implementing Pardot enables companies to automate marketing operations and deliver results, faster than ever before. Time-savings are an inherent benefit of using Pardot, so if you find that you’re not fully realizing this benefit, take a look at these 3 Pardot Tips to ensure that you’re using the functionality of Pardot to its fullest:

1. Use Tags
Tags are a quick and easy way to get and stay organized. You have several options to create tags: manually, table action, automation rule, completion action, and during an import. Tags can help you: determine your best performing content, find and report on your best Prospects, and filter email statistics reports by more than one tag (a recent Pardot enhancement)! Learn more about managing Pardot tags.

2. Use Salesforce Engage for Pardot
When Marketing and Sales are aligned, great things happen, and they happen more quickly when you use Salesforce Engage for Pardot. If your organization is in a time warp, not empowering your sales teams with the ability to run their own marketing campaigns (with marketing curated and approved content), it’s time to change things up! Break down the silos between Marketing and Sales and use Salesforce Engage for Pardot. Check out all that is possible with Salesforce Engage.

3. Use Pardot Profiles
Creating Profiles in Pardot enable you to set criteria that aligns with your ideal customers. You can create a profile by going to Marketing > Segmentation > Profile and Create one or more profiles to align with your best-qualified target customer(s)—this may be by Job Title, Company Size, Industry or another criteria.   Once you have the Profiles in place, use these Profiles to Grade your Prospects. Use an Automation Rule to do this quickly for your entire database. Using Profiles can help you and your sales teams focus on those Prospects that are most ideal, saving time and resources targeting your most likely Prospects that will convert and placing others in nurturing campaigns. Learn more about using Profiles to Grade Prospects.

Helping Hand

As always, our Salesforce Certified Pardot consultants are here to help. From small tweaking of your Pardot instance and troubleshooting to design services and remote system administration when you have other things you need to focus on, we do it all. Reach out to us.

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