May 18, 2015 Plug In Blast Off

3 Pardot best practices that Salesforce Certified Pardot consultants always advise

  1. Schedule a Pardot Check-Up. You wouldn’t go an entire year without having the oil in your car changed—the same should be true for Pardot. Although a thorough audit of Pardot by Plug In Blast Off can provide insight into areas of improvement you may overlook, at a minimum, a DIY check-up should be done at least 2x per year. Why? you may ask. Pardot is constantly evolving. Remember those notices that appear at the top of your screen when you login? If you have dismissed these, it may be time to check them out to ensure that you’re fully realizing the benefits of Pardot. Next, Pardot changes, but so does your organization. Your goals, users, branding, reporting requirements, tracking—you name it, change is constant, so be sure Pardot is optimized to your current business processes and marketing needs.
  2. Use Pardot Marketing Automation. This may seem like a strange statement, but we run across clients all the time that are not using the full functionality and power that Pardot offers. Way back when, when you first began with Pardot, this was probably the #1 reason you chose it. Step back and make a list of your marketing pain points. We guarantee that if you were using all of Pardot’s powerful automation capabilities many of these items would not be on your list.
  3. Engage your Sales Team. Pardot is not just for marketers, your sales team can and should use Pardot to increase effectiveness. If you have not broken down the silo between marketing and sales, 2015 should be your year to accomplish this goal. Proving how Pardot can make your sales team’s life easier is the best place to start. You can prove the value of Pardot right away by showing them: real-time sales alerts, tracking and analytics that can drive sales conversations, and lead scoring and grading to help reps focus on the ideal leads. Download this Pardot whitepaper to learn other tips for how Pardot can help your sales team.

Helping Hand

As always, our Salesforce Certified Pardot consultants are here to help. From small tweaking of your Pardot instance and troubleshooting to design services and remote system administration when you have other things you need to focus on, we do it all. Reach out to us.


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